The DERT Joint Venture was established in 2015 to unify the unique and complementary capabilities of two extraordinary firms

Who We Are


DERT is a joint venture between OPEC Systems and Liberty Industrial that has been strategically established to combine the capabilities of two of Australia’s most progressive remediation companies to provide leading edge, comprehensive, large scale site remediation and demolition services for complex contaminated sites.

In conjunction with our proven remediation technologies and deconstruction expertise, DERT is able to deploy teams of highly trained technicians skilled in managing some of the complex engineering, safety and environmental risks potentially encountered at the DSM site such as UXO, explosive residues, asbestos, heritage and environmental remnants and engineering works adjacent to waterways and residential precincts.

DERT draws upon the internal resources of OPEC Systems and Liberty Industrial to execute and support projects throughout Australia. These significant resources include over 150 staff and a broad portfolio of plant and equipment regularly used on civil engineering, remediation and demolition projects. DERT is a matrix organisation and resource sharing between state offices is regularly practised. This capacity allows DERT to combine the right staff and specialist equipment for any project throughout Australia. Read More

What We Deliver

Complex Site Risk Management

DERT is an organisation strategically geared towards the remediation of complex, problematic sites with multiple overlapping risk profiles. Working in some of the most dangerous and challenging environments and industries in the country DERT have refined their risk management practices to world’s best standards. From meticulous pre-project planning meetings and stakeholder engagement processes through to site handover and certification DERT retains its unwavering focus on managing and mitigating risks and delivering the best possible outcome for our clients. Included in DERT’s unique offering are the following Risk Management capabilities.

Heritage and Environmental Protection and Monitoring

Environment and heritage issues can serve as the friction points on high profile projects. DERT’s pedigree is unique in that the background of many of the key team members lies in the environmental management professions, and the protection of the environment in its many forms is at the heart of the DERT ethos. Whether it is preserving the key aspects of the built environment, respectfully managing indigenous or European cultural remnants or carefully ensuring the preservation of the natural environment, DERT maintains an experienced and trustworthy eye across our sites and beyond.

General Contracting Capabilities

At its heart, DERT is an applied engineering contractor with significant established expertise in civil, structural and environmental engineering specialities. DERT applies this expertise to transform sites in a safe, practical and cost effective manner to deliver the outcomes that our clients and the community expects.

Site Support Services

It’s often the little things which make the difference between a good job and a great job. DERT focusses on optimising the success of complex projects by providing an array of support services to ensure that the small things don’t become major issues. To achieve this DERT has gone to where few, if any, traditional contractors have gone before, with the in-house addition of an array of unique project support capabilities.

Why Us

We Got the Plant

DERT owns and operates a state of the art fleet of low hour plant and equipment

Licenced & Certified

DERT JV Partners are licenced and certified to deliver any type of demolition, explosives or asbestos removal project

Competitive Pricing

DERT delivers innovative and efficient solutions that provide cost savings to our forward thinking clients

Quality Systems

DERT JV Partners hold ISO9001, AS4801, ISO14001 and OFSC systems certification

The Track Record

We’ve built a strong reputation delivering technically challenging projects

Great People

Great things in business are never done by one person they’re done by a team of people

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